Summer 22 Holiday Care

Challenges, Commonwealth Games, Trains and Heroes! 

25 July - 19 August 2022

We had 4 weeks of themed activities for a fantastic Summer.

25-29 July – Challenge Week

A week of indoor and outdoor challenges– including balancing, building, getting messy and having a go! 

  • Full day trip to the amazing Crocky Trail near Chester with rides, slides and a mile-long trail with bridges, rope swings, balance beams crossing the Crocky stream. 
  • Scavenger Hunt– solve the clues to find the hidden objects – work in teams 
  • Water relay challenges – get wet and have fun and collect the most water for your team
  • Lego challenges – build the highest, longest, coolest, strongest structures and objects
  • Food challenges – guess the food from feeling, smelling and tasting it! (if you dare!)
  • Tower challenges – we love building things out of unusual things (marshmallow and spaghetti?)  

1 – 5 August – Commonwealth Games Week

For the Commonwealth Games week we had our own celebration of sport, culture and friendship. 

  • Trip to Longford Park Athletics Track, Chorlton – we hired the whole track and athletics equipment and we tried lots of different sports (with medals)!
  • Local sports coach ran two multi sports sessions at the Scout Hut
  • Smoothie making and food from the Commonwealth to make and taste
  • Painting flags of the Commonwealth 
  • Making friendship bracelets inspired by other commonwealth countries
  • Gym role play area – keep fit throughout the day and take an exercise class for fun!
  • Range of outdoor and indoor sports activities across the week including basketball, cricket, badminton, volleyball and table tennis 

8-12 August – Transport Week

Fun with trains, wheels, ships and much more. Everyone got to be a train driver and passenger this week!

  • Trip on a train and a woodland walk with a picnic
  • Role play – Kidszone Train Station, ticket office, be a conductor, driver or passenger – trains leaving every half hour!
  • Design paper ships and use wind power to race them
  • Make giant junk model train 
  • Train and bridge building challenge 
  • Wheel designing using straws 
  • Construction toy challenge – using Knex or Lego make the strongest and fastest vehicle

15-19 August – Heroes Week

We went superhero crazy and had fun with costumes, skills, family heroes and team games. 

  • Make our own Comic Books – design your own superhero and draw/write a story about them 
  • Mask making craft activity – use your favourite movie superhero as inspiration 
  • Hang out in the ‘Superhero secret hideout’ in our Superhero role play area
  • Take the Superhero Bowl challenge – a trip to Tenpin at Parrs Wood Entertainment centre for a game of bowling in our Spiderman and Ironman Superhero Teams 
  • Paint or draw your own Family hero posters 
  • Make and decorate our own Superhero biscuits 
  • Superhero Party Day with dressing up, face painting and a bouncy castle and special guests..